Coil Ultimate beginners guide – realtime web monetization with for your Youtube channel, WordPress Blog and all your websites – HOWTO for Coil, Youtube, WordPress, XRP-Wallet at Uphold, ILP Payment pointer

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The internet is broken. Webpages are stuffed with 3rd party content, flickering images, autoplaying movies, fake ads, distacting advertorials. Lots of webpages block you with a paywall.
Is there a solution for fair and simple realtime-micropayments to your beloved content creators?

Are you running a blog, a compony website, a discussion board or a Youtube-channel?
Do you want to get paid for your content without blocking/annoying your audience?
Wanna be part of a new era?

Do it! Via COIL; the InterledgerProtocol (ILP), Blockchain, and crypto!

Contents of this free video workshop:

  • How does coil work, how does it look like?
  • How to sign up for a free account at
  • For paying users
    • fund your coil account (debit card, 5$/month)
    • install the coil-plugin into your webbrowser
    • surf the web and micropay creators using Puma browser on ios & android
    • recap: understand how it all is connected
  • For content creators, wanting to get micropayed in realtime
    • get your xrp-wallet and ILP-payment-pointer at uphold
    • create your uphold-account, an uphold-xrp wallet and let’s generate the ILP payment pointer
    • link the payment-pointer to your coil account
    • recap: understand how it all is connected
    • let’s monetize:
      • your youtube-channels
      • your wordpress websites/blogs
      • your other web content
  • recap: understand how it all is connected
  • How does it look like, when a coil-member micropays a content creator in realtime? (with a shoutout to some XRP-YT-Channels)

By the way: The blog you are reading right now, is monetized by Coil;  as is the youtube video below.

Now let’s go to the free video workshop!

For best results, watch the video in its entire length.
Then watch it again using the chapter markers in the description to dive deeper or to repeat certain chapters.

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