increasing failures of Kingston 240GB SSDs SA400S37240G ? – no bootable device – no bootable media – SATAFIRM S11

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We are experiencing an increasing amount of defective Kingston SSDs SA400S37240G. Some of them died suddenly; others freeze reularly for 10 to 30 seconds.

Since fall 2019 we are seeing an increasing amount of failed Kingston 2,5″ SATA 240GB SSDs drives; model A400.
The purchase date in most cases: 2017.
The error messages: „bootsector not found“, „no bootable media“, „no bootable device“.
The defective devices can’t be re-initialized nor re-formatted.

Luckily these SSDs are under 3 years warranty by Kingston. Since 2017 we are preferring Samsung Evo/Pro SSDs.

Backup your data regularly! No matter what harddisk you have!

This is not a general product warning. Have you experienced similar problems? Feel free to tell me.

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