Quick tutorial: earn XRP, IOTA, ADA or USD with your Youtube channel, wordpress Blog or website! Without paywall, without ads. For free! (COIL webmonetization with InterLedgerProtocol)

Are you running a youtube channel, a blog or a website? Do you want to earn micropayments in realtime from websurfers, paid in fractions of XRP, IOTA, ADA, XLM or USD / USDC?

Let’s get it goin‘ !!

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Coil.com webmonetization – what’s that?

For fast results, this article does not feature a technical introduction to Coil. Coil – along with Mozilla and Creative Commons – is founding member of „Grant for the web„, an initiative  for fair, fast and safe realtime micropayments for content creators in the web.

What you should know: Quite a few websurfers out there are paying members at Coil.com. They are surfing the web, having the Coil-micropayment-browser-addon installed. Every minute while they are visiting your content (as long as you have is registered it in a your free Coil account) they stream micropayments directly to you. I am one of the many paying Coil members out there.

The benefits:

    • No costs for you as a content creator!
    • Your Youtube-channel remains untouched. Some youtubers have coil-monetized their channel already; especially crypto youtubers like CryptoEri, JungleInc, ToTheLifeBoats, Kevin Cage, Working Money Channel and many more.
    • You don’t have to hide your content behind an annoying paywall.
    • You don’t urge your visitors to one more of dozens page subscriptions.
    • Coil-monetized websites often disable advertisment and third party content … for a safer, more private web expierence.
    • Paying Coil-members only pay 5 USD/month and get access to lots of coil-monetized content worldwide (the more content creators become part of the movement, the better!)
    • cool and geeky blockchain, interledger and crypto technology! Become a member of the new era of web content.

So … let’s go!

Preparation – step 1.1:
Create an account at uphold.com

In order to receive payments by surfing Coil-members you must own a digital money wallet, that is compatible to payments streams on the interledger-protocol.

  • So go and create yourself an account at the currency-exchange Uphold.com as follows:

    • go to Uphold.com, in the top-right corner click „Sign up“.

    • now enter your eMail-address,
      create yourself a password (store it safely!)
      select your country,
      accept the conditions
      and click „Next“.

  • now enter:
    – your name (as on your passport / official ID-card)
    – date of birth
    – phone number

  • you will receive an email with a confirmation line. Check your mails, click the confirmation link and log into Uphold using the password you just typed in.
  • carry out the instructions for identifying yourself officially (scan/photo of your passport / personal ID)

Preparation – step 1.2:
create a currency/cryptocurrency wallet inside of your Uphold account

Now let’s create a digital wallet in order to choose, what currency you want to receive your micropayments in.

Now: Log into your Uphold account.

The screenshots below show the „classic view“ design of Uphold. If you see white/lighter screens, thent your account seems to be configured for the new design theme. To switch to the classic theme simply click the 3dot-menue in the left column and choose „Switch to classic view“:

  • In your Uphold account click on „Add card/currency“.

  • In this example, we create a IOTA wallet; of course you can choose XRP or ETH, XLM, BTC, Euro, USD, USD instead. I would higty recommend an XRP wallet!
    Enter a name of your wallet and select your desired currency/cryptocurrency:

  • Then click „Create“.
    Congratulations! You now are a proud processor of a webbased wallet.

Preparation – step 1.3:
generate an ILP-Pointer for your wallet inside your Uphold account

To direct the payment streams into the wallet (the one you just created in step 1.2), the wallet has to be assigned a unique address on the interledger protocol.
That’s the InterLedgerProtocol-Payment-Pointer (ILP-Payment-Pointer). Sounds complicated, but it requires just a few clicks:

  • in your Uphold account click an the wallet card you just created.

  • now click on „Add Funds“
  • then click „Fund from Interledger Payment pointer“

  • and now click „Generate Payment Pointer“
  • Damn fine!!! You just created an ILP-Payment-Pointer for that wallet.

    You can copy/view the ILP-Pointer anytime by clicking the respective wallet – „Add funds -> Fund from Interledger payment pointer“.
    An ILP-Payment-Pointer looks like this:: $ilp.uphold.com/ABcDeFGHijKLM123
    Please copy the ILP-Pointer to the clipboard and into you password-documents, along with the name/type of its wallet.

Step 2
Create yourself an Coil.com account and paste the ILP-Pointer into it

Now let’s become a ContentCreator-member at Coil!

  • Go to www.coil.com und click „Sign up“ (top right corner) , then „Sign up to monetize“.

  • npw enter your eMail-address (the one you want to use for your coil membership)
    and assign yourself a password (store it safely!).
    Agree to the terms/conditions and click „Next“.

  • Now check your emails for a coil verification code. Enter the code in the coil sign-up page and click „Next“.

  • Welcome to Coil!! Now let’s go to the „Settings“:

  • If you want to become a paying member (you can stream micropayments to yourself, too), then click on „Membership“ and enter your credit card information. But you don’t have to.
  • In the menu on the left click on „Payouts“ und choose „Uphold“ for setup.

  • now enter/paste the ILP-Payment-Pointer (from step 1.3) into the PaymentPointer-field and click „Finish“

  • First class work! You are now part of a new generation of content creators! Be proud!
    There’s only one thing left!

Step 3
Hook up your web-content to Coil / ILP

Now let us hook up your
– Youtube channel
– your WordPress blog
– your website
to your payment stream!

3.1) Coil-monetize your youtube channel

As there is no way to enter an ILP-Payment-Pointer to your youtube accoun (shame on Google!!!),
you have to link your Yotube channels into your Coil account. That’s quite easy.

  • Log into your Coil.com – account and go to „Settings“,
    then click „Monetize content“
    then click „Add another channel“

  • a new window forces you to log into your youtube channel accounts.
    Thereafter you can select the channel(s) you want to include to monetization.

  • Now you get a list of your coil-monetized Youtube channel(s):

  • That’s all!
    IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to motivate your youtube visitors to support you (and content creators worldwide) by surfing as paying Coil member for just 5USD/month.
    Feel free to link my neutral tutorial playlist „how to become a paying coil member“.

 3.2) Coil-monetize your WordPress blog / WordPress homepage

  • enter the admin-secton of your WordPress website/blog
  • choose „Plugins“ form the main menu and click „install“. Search for the WordPress plugin „WP Connect Coil„, install it.
  • in the settings-Section there’s a new menu item „Coil Setting“.
    Enter/paste your ILP-Payment-Pointer (from step 1.3) into the field and click „Save changes“.

  • That’s all!
    IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to motivate your visitors to support you (and content creators worldwide) by surfing as paying Coil member for just 5USD/month.
    Feel free to link my neutral tutorial playlist „how to become a paying coil member“.

 3.2) Coil-monetize your website

If you are hosting a normal website, you simply have to insert one meta-tag to the HTML-code; preferentially inside the <header>…</header>-section:

<meta name="monetization" content="$ilp.uphold.com/ABcDeFGHijKLM123" />

!!!!!! Replace the red string with your ILP-payment (from step 1.3) !!!!

If your website is using a ContentManagementSystem, please read the online help. Most systems offer the inseration of custom meta tags.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to motivate your visitors to support you (and content creators worldwide) by surfing as paying Coil member for just 5USD/month.
Feel free to link my neutral tutorial playlist „how to become a paying coil member“.

If you want to become a paying Coil-member …

.. in order to pay yourself (yes, you can stream payments to yourself) and in order to pay other content creators for just 5USD/month, then have a look at my videotutorials on youtube.
Als zahlendes Coil-Mitglied sendest Du Dir übrigens auch selbst Micropayments, wenn Du Deine eigenen Inhalte besuchst.

Additional notes

Coil is even more powerful. For WordPress Coil has created a mighty Coil-Plugin named „Coil Web Monetization„. With this plugin you can coil-paywall excerpts of blogposts or entire blogposts. By the use of smal javascript-snippets you can remove advertisment-areas or affiliate-content-sections for Coil-members and such like!

Take care of taxational aspects, if your are running your website/channel commercially.

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